My research has focused on statistical post-processing of weather forecasts, climate extremes, large-scale climate drivers, high-quality observations, regional climate models….everything is interesting!

I am currently working at KNMI on the statistical post-processing of forecasts of severe summer precipitation, using both statistical and machine learning methods. Here is a nice summary of a recent workshop.

My previous position was at the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, at the University of Victoria BC, where I was using extreme value statistics to evaluate the simulation of climate extremes in North America by a suite of regional climate models. I used EVT to assess the simulation of the relationships between climate extremes and covariates, such as atmospheric circulation or ENSO.

During my time at UNSW’s Climate Change Research Centre, I was  researching climate extremes in Pacific Island nations as part of The Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning program (PACCSAP).

For my PhD (at the ANU) I use non-parametric statistics (random forests) to examine interactions between large-scale climate drivers and regional Australian hydroclimatic regimes.

Dr Kirien Whan

email : kirien.whan@knmi.nl